Pyralis - D6L

Technical sheet

Activestone® heating system, is made up of a perforated refractory stone (22 mm of thickness)
in which 3 steel armoured heating elements are mounted.

A uniform baking is done thanks to the well distributed heat. This allows an outstanding energy and
consumption saving due to the easily arrival at temperature in a short frame of time.

Heating elements and perforated refractory stone replacement is simply and immediate, as you can easily access
from the oven door without the need of removing parts or lateral and tight accesses.
This system is available for our Pyralis, Pyralis Up, Pyralis Circle and Professional Ovens.

Model Pyralis - D6L
Code P08PY12003
Code P08PY12003
Power supply 380V 3Ph+N+T
Power Tot. 9 kW
Chamber dimensions 105x70x15 cm
External dimensions 144x101x40 cm
Packaging dimensions 112x147x54 cm
Net weight 139 Kg
Gross weight 160 Kg